Godwits, Avis and Persephone Books


Persephone Books is a delightful bookshop and publishing house based in London’s Bloomsbury district. It publishes neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-20th century (mostly) women writers.

The books come with silver grey covers, the colour is in the endpapers. These are often wallpaper or textile designs from a similar period to the writing.

New Zealand writer, Robin Hyde’s The Godwits Fly has just been re-published by Persephone Books. The end papers are of an early textile design by Avis produced while she was working at Silk and Textile Printers (STP), Sydney

To know more about Persephone Books and their marvellous titles, click here.

You can buy Godwits direct from Persephone, or support New Zealand bookshops by ordering through Unity Books here.

Hyde Godwits Persephone Book Cover
Hyde Godwits Persephone End Papers